Beth, It's been 2 months of eating well & working out - SUCCESSFULLY. Thank you for helping me make a change to a healthier lifestyle. Your sessions really got me focused & determined & I enjoy the choices I make rather than relying on the quick fixes of the past that never lasted for me.  Thank You!  Dave - Glenn Cove, NY

Dear Beth, I wasn't certain hypnosis was going to work for me but you changed that. You really are a caring & passionate hypnotist who taught me how to heal & grow in my troubled relationship.  I'm looking forward to our next session, Sue - Copiague, NY


For the first time in 21 years I quit smoking - in only 1 session with you, Beth!  Your session made me not want to smoke! I don't even crave

a cigarette! I felt so relaxed & focused. It's been 3 weeks & no smoking!  Thank You, Pete - Seaford, NY

I came to see Beth for Anxiety & I am so thankful I did. Beth, in just 2 sessions (actually 1 but I've completed 3) you taught & showed me how to "change" my state of mind, my state of being & I am truly grateful. You take the time to explain, encourage & empower me to utilize the tools to change my anxieties. After only 3 sessions & your guidance, I have learned to recognize my anxieties & work to change them. It is a process but I'm finally feeling a sense of control. I want to keep working on this until, one day it becomes second nature!  Thank you, I can't wait for our next session!  Kelly Ann - Islip NY 

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Hi Beth, Your hypnosis sessions really helped me. My friends have told me how I'm less shy. I feel stronger, more confident. Because of you,

I no longer stop myself from doing things & there are less moments where I doubt myself because now, I know how to not get in my way. A quote you have on your website made me call you & now it & our sessions guide me through - "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein   Thanks, Amy - Massapequa, NY