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"The hypnotism services I render to the public are defined as the use of hypnosis to inculcate positive thinking and the capacity for self-hypnosis. I/We do not represent our services as any form of medical, behavioral or mental health care and despite research to the contrary, by law, I/we make no health benefit claims for our/my services. As a certified consulting hypnotist, I help my clients inculcate positive thinking and the capacity for self-hypnosis wherein I guide, instruct, coach, help, teach, to motivate individuals to achieve their goals. Hypnotism for the issues related to medical or psychological problems requires a referral from a licensed medical or mental health practitioner".  ​Beth Pokriefke, Lifestyle Hypnosis Inc.

are you ready for your lifestyle to become positive change to live by?

Hypnosis is one of the fastest growing fields in human potential & achievement.

It's motivational, educational, empowering & inspirational. It's been used by celebrities, CEO's, athletes, anyone wanting to breakthrough to their utmost potential. Hypnosis dives deep into our subconscious mind, creating positive

lasting change - an ideal approach to just about any challenge. Lifestyle Hypnosis

will guide you in achieving your personal goals, empowering you to eliminate road blocks & replace negative habits with positive habits. Together, we will create the person you know you want to be & say goodbye to the one that's holding you back. Hypnosis is effective & provides a ​Lifestyle of Positive Change To live By.

how can hypnosis help you?

The powerful benefits hypnosis has in changing our lives is remarkable. You are empowered, in control & given the tools to be what you desire. Hypnosis has been shown to be effective in helping people with a wide variety of conditions including, but not limited to: Anxiety, Anger, Athletic Performance, Confidence, Conflict, Coping, Emotional Challenges, Emotional Eating, Exam/Test Taking, Habits,

Loss, Motivation, Pain Management, Public Speaking, Relationships, Sadness,

Self-Esteem, Stress, Sleep Management, Smoking Cessation/Quit Smoking,

Weight Management/Control/Loss.

private one-on-one hypnosis sessions

Hypnosis is fast & effective with each condition based on clients particular need for lasting change/transformation. Beth specializes in guiding/helping her clients in achieving their goals, desires, utmost potential. Her sessions are customized to each client. No two clients are the same. Beth understands each client is an individual with their own needs, goals & asperations. Beth's guided client customization provides them with a Lifestyle of Positive Change To Live By.

​"The greatest discovery of my generation is

that a human being can alter his life by

altering his attitudes of mind."
-William James

Hypnosis Success with




Athletic Performance,





Emotional Challenges,

Emotional Eating,








Pain Management,

Panic Attacks,


Public Speaking,

Relationship Issues,


Sleep Management,

Smoking Cessation/
Quite Smoking,


Sports Improvement,

Success Coaching,

Test Anxiety,

Weight Management/


Conveniently located offices, servicing New York & Long Island, NY (Suffolk/Nassau Counties). In home sessions may require an additional traveling fee. Skype sessions may be available. For more information contact: To set up an appointment or for more information on how hypnosis can help you contact, ​Lifestyle Hypnosis at: 917.887.7228. All consultations are FREE.

Each initial session is 90 minutes & costs $150.

Each consecutive session is 60 minutes & costs $100.

Your one-on-one session will be specific to your needs & involves the most advanced hypnosis methods available.